Men's Olympic Goalie Mask Tournament: Final Round

More than two weeks of polls have brought us to this point! Who had the best goalie in the men's Olympic hockey tournament in Sochi? It's down to Jonathan Quick and Henrik Lundqvist for gold. And bronze will go to 

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Polls close Sunday night. Results will be revealed Happy voting!

The final space on the bracket is waiting to be filled. Scroll past for details on the next tournament, which will begin early next week.

The 2014 Men's Olympic Goalie Mask Tournament officially ends on Monday with the announcement of the medalists. From there, what lies ahead?

Of course a new 2014 NHL Tournament of Logos is still to come. As I've said before, I'll be bigger and badder than ever — double elimination! It'll yield more than just gold, silver and bronze medalists. By the time it's over, we should have a complete logo power ranking for all 30 teams.

But before NHLToL 2014, we have to see which Olympic jerseys were best. The 2014 Olympic Jersey Tournament will begin Tues., March 25.

Jerseys will be seeded to the bracket based on the Icethetics Olympic Jersey Standings, which tracked wins, losses and goals for and against during the Sochi tournaments. (Those stats reflect combined performances from the men's and women's teams where applicable.)

The bracket will be unveiled this weekend. Until then, you have the final two goalie mask polls above!