NHL Tournament of Logos: Round 8

Icethetics is going back to its roots. This site was founded in 2007 as the NHL Tournament of Logos blog where a series of polls were held to determine the best mark in big league hockey. Here we are again seven years later going bigger!

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As of now the Chicago Blackhawks logo is the only one undefeated so far. It awaits the winner of the losers' bracket in our double-elimination tournament. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the full bracket.

Results are hidden until the poll closes on Tuesday night. Happy voting!

Bracket Seeded by Readers
With this tournament, we're going bigger. First, the seeds were selected by you (after being random in previous tourneys). An album containing all 30 NHL logos was posted to the Icethetics Facebook page. More "likes" earned logos a higher seed.

Double Elimination Format
Also different from past tournaments is the double-elimination format — meaning each logo will have to lose two polls before it's eliminated from the competition. It ensures we don't lose a great logo in the early rounds due to an unlucky match-up.

Double elimination makes the bracket is a little too complex for the format I've displayed in other recent tournaments. Instead, I'm using the online bracket framework built by Challonge and embedding it below.

Click and scroll around to see how it's all laid out.