Results: ASGToL Champion

You've patiently waited for more than two months to learn which NHL All-Star Game logo was voted the best by Icethetics readers. And now you have your answer...

The tournament ultimately came down to a Battle of Ontario. The logo representing the 2000 NHL All-Star Game hosted by the city of Toronto edged out Ottawa's 2012 mark with just 51.1% of the vote.

The final tally saw Toronto with 833 votes to 797 for Ottawa. I haven't yet been able to make the championship banner for the 2000 ASG, but here's a look at the standings and tournament bracket up to the finals.

It was surprising to see the 2012 logo go as far as it did in the tourney, as it was only just recently released. The game is still over a year away and the 2011 All-Star weekend still hasn't taken place yet.

Still, it was no surprise to see Toronto's 2000 logo take the prize. It's clever use of stars and leaves coupled with the 2T0R0NT0 wordmark is just outstanding. Thanks again to everyone who voted! Keep an eye on this page for an update on the next tourney — the long-awaited NHL Tournament of Jerseys!