Third Jersey Crests Tournament

Playoff Bracket

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Mini-Tournament Standings

Final Standings

Group A
1San Jose Sharks718988248
2St. Louis Blues907272234
3Buffalo Sabres677678221
4Vancouver Canucks608671217
5Toronto Maple Leafs337564172
6New York Islanders408536161
7Atlanta Thrashers451554114
8Boston Bruins552428107
9Nashville Predators45282295
10Florida Panthers29252983
11Dallas Stars55141281
12Colorado Avalanche10114667
Group B
1Philadelphia Flyers845384221
2Minnesota Wild506087197
3Chicago Blackhawks685860186
4Edmonton Oilers844754185
5Los Angeles Kings635940162
6Pittsburgh Penguins504262154
7Carolina Hurricanes374046123
8Phoenix Coyotes324138111
9Ottawa Senators16531382
10Tampa Bay Lightning16471679

Tie-breakers: To break a tie in the standings, the edge will go to: 1. Head-to-head winner, 2. Best high score, 3. Best low score.

Notes: Standings updated every Monday after all polls close. Tables are fully sortable. Click on the header of any column to apply sort.

Mini-Tournament Format

Eligible Logos 22; The logos featured in this tournament are the crests of NHL third jerseys currently in use (2009-10 season). Graphic backgrounds are colored to match the front of the jersey itself. No sweater numbers will be used in the graphics even if they appear on the front of the jersey.

The Basics To ensure that there are no byes during the mini-tournament, the 22 logos are divided up randomly into two groups of even numbers. This means that Group A has 12 logos while Group B has 10. There is a total of four weeks of voting.

Preliminary Round Each logo faces three random opponents in three weeks of polls. At the end of each poll, both logos are awarded points equal to their percentage of the vote (rounded to nearest whole number). A total of 100 points will be awarded in each poll. Teams are ranked within their group by points, from highest to lowest.

Quarterfinals By popular request, the Top 4 logos from each group will advance to the playoff round, just like a standard tournament. Group A's #1 seed will play Group B's #4 seed and so on as indicated in the bracket above.

Semifinals The winners of the Quarterfinal polls advance to the Semifinals. The logos with more votes in their respective polls win.

Championship Final The winners of the Semifinal polls advance to the Championship Final. The logo with more votes at the end of the poll wins.