Week 4: Team Name Nominations

It's hard to believe we're so far into this project already. We've made a lot of decisions and will make many more before summer's over. Next though, we need to work out new names for the teams we'll be rebranding.

First, a note of housekeeping. I'm making a chance to the original plan for 13 Weeks of R&R. Instead of splitting up name nominations into separate weeks — which I'm sure would be overkill — Weeks 4 and 5 will play out a little differently. Here are the first three phases:

  • Nominations (today thru Tue 5/7) — Suggestions for team names will be accepted in the usual fashion, via comments on this post only. Details below.
  • Finalist Selections (Wed 5/8 thru Fri 5/10) — Polls will be held for each team featuring the top eligible name nominations. The purpose will be to determine three finalists for the next phase. (This may include team's original name in case voters just want new logos and/or uniforms.)
  • Final Voting (Sat 5/11 thru Tue 5/14) — A final set of polls for each will feature the top three finalists and ultimately determine the team's official name.

These polls will each be open for a shorter period than normal, but previous voting has demonstrated that a week is usually more than necessary to come to a consensus. Now, you may have noticed that only gets us halfway through Week 5. We'll finish with a new one — Color Voting.

  • Color Voting (Wed 5/15 thru Sat 5/18) — Unlike in the past, logo designers will not be at liberty to create a team's color palette. The voters will do that before we send the designers to work. The goal here is to prevent too much overlap in color schemes and to help guide each team to unique identities.

I'll outline more details on all of that as the time comes, but for now...

Submit team names below!

This part is very easy. Submit your ideas for what the IceHL teams in the following cities should be named. You must use the locator that was chosen in last week's polls. (Dallas was the only team where there was no majority consensus so you may submit names for Dallas or Texas.) Submit as many names as you want.


When it comes time to vote, all teams except Detroit* will have the option to keep their current name, so there's no need to include it in your nominations. (*-During Week 2 of voting, it was decided that Detroit must undergo a full rebrand.)

For the Finalist Selections, I'll be choosing what appear to be the best and most popular names from this post. If you see a name you like, endorse it in your comment to help me gauge popularity. (But don't bother re-posting it under a different alias. I'm not as dumb as I look.)

I'd like to reserve the comments of this post for name nominations ONLY. So if you have any questions, please ask via email or by commenting on another relevant blog post.

Restrictions: This should be obvious, but I'll say it anyway. Names will NOT be accepted if they are currently used for any NHL, AHL or ECHL franchise or any pro sports team in the city in question. Other names may be disallowed on a case-by-case basis. My advice: BE ORIGINAL!