NHLToL: 2017 Final

It's all come down to this! I don't envy the decision you have to make. Two logos that have been around since just about the beginning of time have been chosen as the final two in the 2017 NHL Tournament of Logos! Good luck choosing.

As is customary in our tournaments, the final poll results will remain hidden while votes are being collected so we can have a big winner reveal to close the tournament!

By the way if you regularly read the comments, you may have caught a bit of controversy in the previous round of voting. Apparently someone decided it would be funny to set up a bot to spam our polls. Why someone outside our community would care about how we vote, I do not know.

Anyway, I had to turn off the visible vote count as it became wildly inaccurate. Forced me to do a bit of a manual recount to make sure we're still on the up and up — zeroing out the spammy votes, essentially, and making sure the actual human votes were counted.

In case you were wondering about those final vote tallies, I have that here. They were both very close! The Blackhawks defeated the Maple Leafs with 53% (876/1652 votes) and the Red Wings defeated the Flames with 52% (954/1836 votes).