NHLToL: Bracket Round 13

We're down to the sweet sixteen, as it were. The 2017 NHL Tournament of Logos is well on its way to naming the best logo in the NHL. Now the next batch of polls are underway!

By the way, we've been at this for several weeks now and the Adidas unveiling last week brought a lot of new readers to Icethetics. If you're one of them you may be wondering why our so-called "definitive" logo tournament doesn't feature primary logos for a lot of teams.

Basically, you missed the first few rounds where we voted on each individual team's best logo. Voters determined that the logos you see in this bracket were the best from each club — plus the NHL shield to give us a bracket-friendly group of 32.

Now you know. So let's get to the second phase of the bracket Happy voting!

Check back later this weekend for the next round of the bracket.