NHLToL: Match-up Round 5

With two weeks of polls under our belts, we've narrowed the field from 93 logos to just 32 — each team's best plus the NHL shield. Over the next three weeks we'll hold an abbreviated round robin where logos will compete in random match-ups. (Go to the bottom of this post for a full explanation.)

Here's a quick look at the logos that will enter our bracket. I can't deny there are some surprises in this group. Keep scrolling to vote in the first batch of polls.

You've got some tough decisions ahead of you this week. Happy voting!

Now, for those of you who want to know how the Match-up Rounds will work, here goes. There are six rounds taking place over three weeks. Each logo will get one random match-up per week — three total.

Each logo will accrue points based on its vote percentage in each poll. For example, if Logo A earns 64% in a poll, it gets 64 points in the standings. Simple stuff. At the end of the Match-up Rounds, those points will determine the ranking for our 32-logo single-elimination bracket — the real meat of this tournament!

Curious about tie-breakers? First, we'll look at points. Second, we'll look at win-loss records. Third, we'll look at head-to-head match-ups if applicable. Fourth, we'll look at performance against common opponents if applicable. And if we still have a tie at that point, we'll flip a coin.