8-Bit NHL: The Early Years

Al McCready's getting prolific on us all of a sudden! The man known around these parts for his 8-bit style jersey art is back with another set. He writes:

I was looking through the feedback from my last 8-bit jersey submission, and a comment got the ol' creative juices flowing, so I made this. I left them unlabelled, as I think part of the fun will be the challenge to try and name them all!

Good luck!

The Jets Package

Today brings a special concept from the highly talented Zachary Bautista. He's tried to go back to the drawing board on the Winnipeg Jets branding. He's tackled more than a dozen logo designs here. Which is your favorite?

Keystone Classic

It may not be in the cards for 2016, but newcomer Connor Malone has hopes for an intrastate Stadium Series match-up between the Penguins and Flyers. His jerseys are based on this year's template.