Silver and Black

Generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of the Kings' current uniforms. In part it's the lack of color from a team who has so much color in its history. On the other hand, if they could make more use of the silver in their palette, I could get on board. Ryan Christensen has the right idea.

The Forgotten 50th

In the all the excitement surrounding the 50th anniversaries of the Penguins, Flyers, Blues and Kings, it's easy to overlook the two teams that entered the NHL with them in 1967 — the California Seals and the Minnesota North Stars.

The Seals didn't survive a decade, but the North Stars still exist today as the Dallas Stars. In 2013, the franchise celebrated 20 years in Texas, but what if they had decided to honor their full legacy this year? That's where Rob Siergiej's concept comes in. He imagines a pretty stellar third jersey to mark the occasion.

Skipjack Comeback

Anyone remember the AHL's Baltimore Skipjacks? Will Sinnott does and he's resurrecting them for today's Minor League Sunday concept post. He writes:

It spun out of me buying some blank Capitals jerseys with the intent of actually making my brothers and me some modern day Skipjacks jerseys as though they were still a Caps affiliate. Since the Skipjacks traditionally just stuck their Jacks logo on their parent club's jerseys, the idea was to closely mimic the logos of current Caps jersey.

Once I got rolling in Illustrator, I decided to flesh out a fresh identity for the Skipjacks and the Caps-esque jersey was relegated to an alternate. Drawing inspiration from the Maryland state flag, the home and road uniforms use a ship's helm as a crest as the Skipjacks always did. The secondary anchor logo is an homage to yet another old Baltimore hockey team; the bottom of the anchor is shaped like the logo of the Baltimore Clippers.

Being an AHL team, the jerseys (unfortunately) need to have an ad logo, so I wanted to go with a brand that screams Baltimore. I'm not sure what league rules are about the types of uniform ads teams can have, but I thought there might be restrictions on alcohol ads. So I didn't use my first ad choice — Baltimore's beloved Mr. Boh, mascot of National Bohemian beer. Instead, I went with our beloved spice Old Bay. Most readers wouldn't get either ad, but Maryland readers will.

Would love to see what readers' thoughts are on this concept.