Retro Rochester

For this week's minor league offering, Dylan Nowak presents a retro kit for the AHL's Rochester Americans — famous, like Hershey, for their frequent use of specialty throwback jerseys.

Prairie Classic

The NHL Heritage Classic is coming to Winnipeg — it's just a question of when. But as soon as it's announced you can bet Jamie Robertson will be lobbying for this setup between the Jets and Oilers. Those are some good looking jerseys.

Freaked Out in Seatown

Scott Dempsey would like to share this with us. He writes:

[This] is the Seattle Krakens. In the interest of attribution, the teal color and elbow pattern come from the Seattle city flag. That pattern reminded me of tentacles, which reminded me of the very nice House Greyjoy sigil from Game of Thrones. I changed it a bit, and I couldn't find an artist to attribute it to, but that's where it comes from.

As an Emerald City resident, I am sufficiently freaked.

White Hot

The Flames have been getting a lot of screen time here lately, but this design from first-timer Ben Jones showcases an underused aesthetic — a white flaming "C" on a black jersey. I'd say it might make a cool alternate for Calgary, but there aren't many fans of black thirds.