The Freaky 4

We're wrapping up another theme week today with four Freak Out Friday concepts from Bryan Dyck — including a Thrasher blast from the past. What do you make of the black Caps?

The Holmes 4

Concepts are coming four at a time this week and today it's Jack Holmes at the controls. He's taking on the Blackhawks, Blues, Islanders and Stars with simple, refined jerseys with a classic CCM-style cut.

The Dion 4

Today's quartet of concepts come from Kevin Dion. He's attempting third jersey ideas for the Penguins, Flyers, Avalanche and Canadiens. 

The May 4

Each day this week we're sharing four concepts from the same artist. Colin May is up today with jerseys for the Oilers, Avalanche, Wild and Blue Jackets. I particularly like the Avs option.

The Burton 4

We're tackling this week's concept art four at a time! We're beginning with Nick Burton and sweaters he's designed for the Flyers, Flames, Panthers and Maple Leafs. What do you think?