Golden Knights Are Bourne

The Vegas Golden Knights have a logo but the jerseys remain a closely guarded secret. Until they're revealed, we'll probably have concepts here at least once a week. And this week it's Andy Bourne trying his hand. We know the jerseys will have red trim, but he just wasn't feeling it and decided to go without.

Two Vancouver Blues

Steven Grant was inspired to mash together various elements of Canucks history to create what I think is one of the coolest Vancouver concepts ever. He went back to 1997 for the dual blue look, but replaced the maroon with the classic green. And what represents a "Canuck" better than Johnny Canuck himself? You may also notice the Flying V homage on the sleeve.

Jersey of Jade

There's no doubt the Ducks look good in their orange third jersey, but what about a Mighty Ducks throwback in jade? That's what Avi Stein is thinking. In its history, Anaheim had two jersey that were primarily jade, but over three years, they were used for maybe a dozen games combined. And that's a shame because it could be a good look.

Default Classic

I like Lucas Daitchman's caption on this Winter Classic concept — "what if the NHL managed to annoy us again in 2018?" After all, the two teams most likely to play in any given outdoor game over the last decade have been the Blackhawks and Penguins. The default teams. Ugh.