The Lighthouse

It was part of one of the worst rebrands in NHL history, so the lighthouse logo might be easy for some to forget. It was a cool design, but was it cool enough to sit on the front of an Islanders sweater? Ryan Christensen thinks so.

Quebec and Adidas

Alan John Herbert has been thinking about the possibility of the Quebec Nordiques returning after Adidas takes over production of NHL uniforms next summer. Think it might be a stretch to imagine Joe Sakic back on the ice though.

Las Vegas Jokers

We know the owner of the new Las Vegas NHL franchise is partial to the name Knights, but what if they went down a different path. Miles Miller's Las Vegas Jokers identity is both frightening and fantastic.

For a more in-depth look at Miles' design, check out his Behance gallery.

Minnesota Classic

Too soon to plan for the 2018 Winter Classic? Lucas Daitchman doesn't think so. And he'd like to see a match-up between Minnesota's current NHL team and it's old one.