Freaky Edmonton

For the second time in two weeks the Oilers are being featured on a Freak Out Friday. But that's not to say the designs are bad — only that they step way outside the traditional box Edmonton has created for itself. And it might be a good thing. I actually like Steven Grant's clever use of the shoulder yoke here to mimic the crest. How about you?

If the Barons Survived

If the Cleveland Barons NHL franchise had survived, they'd be turning 40 years old this year. Bryan Dyck imagines the jerseys they might have worn this season.

Jersey Third

With Lou out of the picture, could the time finally be right for a third jersey in New Jersey? New contributor Truman Keith had an idea in mind that involves a black jersey with white pants. How about that?

Back to the Avs By Hand

If it's the hand-drawn style you like, Morgo Uxbridge has you covered. Today he's revisiting the Colorado Avalanche — last attempted 18 months ago. Solid design here.