Metro Freak Out

On the heels of yesterday's news that the Seattle arena project has full design approval, I thought it might be nice to feature an Emerald City concept. But this being a Freak Out Friday, I'll let Alan Su do the honors with his take on a Seattle Metros jersey kit.

Green and Grey

Given that the Dallas Stars recently adopted green and grey as their colors, this probably wouldn't fly in the real world for the Minnesota Wild. But as a concept, I think Brandon Cockeram is onto something. It's a pretty solid look that no one can say looks like Christmas.

Colorado Classic

Jamie Robertson was inspired by the Avs' new third jersey crest enough to create a home and road set. It's a cool logo but I'm not sure I want to see the existing primary disappear anytime soon.

Nashville Fauxback

Start your week off right with a fauxback jersey from Brian Brideau. It's a look the Nashville Predators could really pull off should they ever get the opportunity to star in a future Winter Classic. Though even I'll admit those odds aren't great.