Quick Fix For the Coyotes

Last Friday, the Arizona Coyotes unveiled their new uniforms. But Jeremy Roney wasn't quite satisfied with them. So he offers this solution for your consideration.

Purple Kings

Unique logos. Unique colors. How could the Kings go wrong with a set of jerseys like these from Brandon Cockeram? Almost anything is better than black and white.

Green Comets

Last Sunday we saw a concept for the AHL club that won this season's Calder Cup championship. Today, the one that didn't. John Elbertson suggests a green third jersey for the Utica Comets. By the way, don't be surprised if the Comets do add a new third next season.

Canadiens Classic

The Montreal Canadiens will visit the Boston Bruins in next season's Winter Classic. Jamie Robertson proposes a retro style jersey like this for the big game. What do you think?

Fisherman Freak Out

Here's something to freak us out on this Friday. What if they Islanders resurrected the old fisherman when they arrive in Brooklyn this fall? Too crazy?