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WHA Revival, Part 2

Nick Burton is reviving the WHA in a special series of concept posts. Part 2 kicks off with a classy new look for the Cincinnati Stingers. 

Those may be Miami Dolphins colors, but the San Diego Mariners' collegiate style really stands out.

And finally, here's what Nick thinks the Toronto Toros might look like if they'd survived to today.

Check back next Thursday for Part 3 of this four-part series.

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The Future in the Past

I'm expecting the Penguins' new third jersey to look a lot like the gold one here in David Kerr's throwback concept. After that, I think it's only a matter of time before these two jerseys become their primary look. Who's with me?


Sep 17 · You guys asked David for a white jersey so here it  is.



Great Griffins: Revisited

The AHL's Grand Rapids Griffins wrapped up a fan jersey contest yesterday by announcing the two winning designs. Unfortunately, that meant a lot of great ideas fell by the wayside, including this one by Matt McElroy. Anyone else feel like he was robbed?

Meanwhile, Geil Schock tells me he just missed the submission deadline but wanted to share his design anyway. 

Here's a look at the two winning designs. What do you think?



Should the Flyers Go Black?

We know the Philadelphia Flyers have a new third jersey in the works, but we don't know much else. Should they try something in black again? Rob Giannone thinks so.



The MLS Collection, Part 1

David Parkinson's MLB Collection went over so well, I just had to show off his Major League Soccer hockey sweaters. Check out the Western Conference today and come back next Sunday for the Eastern Conference.

(Click the images above to enlarge and view as a slideshow.)

David based his jerseys on local hockey teams, as follows:

  • Seattle Sounders FC based on Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL)
  • Portland Timbers based on Portland Winterhawks (WHL)
  • Colorado Rapids based on Colorado Avalanche
  • Vancouver Whitecaps FC based on Vancouver Canucks
  • Chivas USA based on Los Angeles Kings
  • LA Galaxy based on Los Angeles Kings
  • San Jose Earthquakes based on San Jose Sharks
  • FC Dallas based on Dallas Stars
  • Real Salt Lake based on Utah Grizzlies (ECHL)

What do you think of these jerseys?