Alan's Quartet

We're getting four a day this week and continuing with Alan Su. He has a few interest concepts in mind for the Sabres, Hurricanes, Penguins and Sharks. Which is your favorite?

McElroy's Quartet

This week we're getting four at a time. Today's star contributor is Matt McElroy, who's tackled a handful of teams with sharp, matching home and road kits.

Colin's Quartet

Each day this week we're featuring a special set of four concepts from one of our talented and prolific contributors. Today it's Colin May providing some unique third jersey ideas for teams around the NHL.

Brick and Sand Falcons

The Springfield Falcons' offseason affiliation change has left them still wearing Blue Jackets jerseys while growing future Coyotes players. Matt Marczel has a simple solution to fix this — just change the colors on the Falcons logo.

Hawks in the Outdoors

The Blackhawks play their third outdoor game in as many seasons this February. John Elbertson proposes a simple but sharp jersey design.