White Hot

The Flames have been getting a lot of screen time here lately, but this design from first-timer Ben Jones showcases an underused aesthetic — a white flaming "C" on a black jersey. I'd say it might make a cool alternate for Calgary, but there aren't many fans of black thirds.

Double Ducks

We've got a pair of Ducks concepts today from newcomer Aaron Bernardi. He's created a new shield style crest with the classic Mighty Ducks name and logo. Above he's used the team's existing colors while adding an orange third jersey.

And here he's got the same design in the old purple and jade color scheme. Which do you prefer?

Silver Seven For a New Century

A hundred years ago, the original Ottawa Senators were an unstoppable hockey force. Here, John Elbertson gives today's team the tribute treatment — with bonus Stadium Series and Heritage Classic jerseys!

That's So Flint

Flint, Michigan is getting a new OHL team next season. Earlier in the year there was speculation the team might be named for a fictional basketball team called the Flint Tropics from a Will Ferrell movie. We even saw a Tropics concept back in February.

But what Dylan Alexander offers up today is a thing of pure beauty. He didn't just design a Tropics logo. He designed several. He didn't just design a Tropics jersey. He designed several. And if all that wasn't enough, he's got merchandise and a center ice paint job for Flint's Perani Arena.