The Dion 4

Today's quartet of concepts come from Kevin Dion. He's attempting third jersey ideas for the Penguins, Flyers, Avalanche and Canadiens. 

The May 4

Each day this week we're sharing four concepts from the same artist. Colin May is up today with jerseys for the Oilers, Avalanche, Wild and Blue Jackets. I particularly like the Avs option.

The Burton 4

We're tackling this week's concept art four at a time! We're beginning with Nick Burton and sweaters he's designed for the Flyers, Flames, Panthers and Maple Leafs. What do you think?

Ice Bowl 50

Every year on Super Bowl Sunday you wonder what the NFL's top teams would look like if they had hockey sweaters. Or maybe you don't. But if you do, Alan Su has the answer. Now go enjoy your Super Bowl parties. Hockey will be here for you tomorrow.

T.O. to N.Y.C.

With Los Angeles being awarded the next All-Star Game, it seems even more likely the 2017 NHL Winter Classic will end up in Toronto. And odds are the Rangers will be their opponent. This concept by Lucas Daitchman isn't the first Toronto-New York set we've seen, but it is a cool one.