Sweeping Stripes in South Florida

Torin Kowalenko tackles all new uniform designs for the Florida Panthers today with this set. I was taken by the unique sweeping stripe patterns — but I do miss the sunny shoulder patches.

Be Green or Be Pinched

Every year a handful of teams wear green warm-up jerseys on St. Patrick's Day, but what if the Bruins went with it as a full time third jersey? Pretty crazy, right? With this concept IceHL GM Ryan Laden makes his Concepts page debut. He manages the St. Louis Archers fantasy team.

Spaniards on Ice

This International Sunday takes us to a country not known for its love of hockey and a concept artist making his debut on Icethetics. Matt Roncone has created a brightly-colored uniform set for Spain. How about it?

California's Stadium Game Revisited

Avi Stein had a bit of a rethink on the jerseys worn for the Los Angeles Stadium Series game earlier this year. The league said Stadium Series jersey designs were about looking toward the future while the Winter and Heritage Classics were meant for looking back.

It seems to me Avi wanted to mix the two with this set. His jersey designs feel a bit more modern with obvious nods to history. What do you think?

Big Apple Freak Out

Jeremy Roney submitted this Rangers concept prior to the St. Louis-Callahan trade heard 'round the world. So that's not what makes it freaky. What does? How about the clashing blues? Hard not to like anything with that Lady Liberty logo, though I may be alone there.


March 30: Based on your feedback, Jeremy has updated his design with some alternate colors. Click through to see a new white version as well.