Nordiques Become Avalanche

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Colorado Avalanche to Debut

Adrian Dater
August 10, 1995

The story that wouldn't die — what the name, logo and colors of Colorado's new National Hockey League team would be — finally does today.

After almost three months of speculation, rumors, polls and focus groups, the franchise will be named officially and logos unveiled at 11 a.m. at the Westin Tabor Center.

By now, most know the team will be called the Avalanche. And after several apparent flip-flops over the first name, the team will be known officially as the Colorado Avalanche.

Excerpt from article published in Denver Post (page D2)

Denver enters second ice age with Avalanche

August 11, 1995

DENVER — Since nobody could manufacture drama for the occasion, Shawn Hunter tried humor instead.

Nice try, but most of the sports world knew what would take place Thursday at a downtown hotel, as Comsat Video Enterprises finally announced the name of its National Hockey League franchise — just 60 days before the first regular-season game.

Along with the nickname, Hunter unveiled the Avalanche's appealing logo, which includes the colors of burgundy, silver, blue and black. Burgundy, as Hunter put it, "will be the next great color in sports."

Excerpt from article published in Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph (page C1)

Joe Sakic poses with new logoNordiques Become Avalanche

August 11, 1995

DENVER (AP) — Colorado's new pro hockey team disclosed its new name Thursday — the Colorado Avalanche — and publicly displayed the team's burgundy, blue, and silver logo for the first time.

Officials of the NHL team revealed the team name and logo in a video played for reporters. The logo is an A with a silver snowstreak through its left side. The colors are burgundy, blue and silver with a black hockey puck.

The announcement followed weeks of market research by the new owners, Comsat Video Enterprises. Among the names discarded were Black Bears, Cougars, Ice and Storm.

"The name was something we always thought we'd wait with and do right," said vice president of marketing, Shawn Hunter. "You have to remember, this franchise is still just two months old."

The team is the third Colorado sports organization to have the nickname "Avalanche." A professional paint-ball team in Denver also calls itself the Avalanche, as does Vail's junior A-league hockey team. The Colorado Rockies have a minor-league affiliate in Salem, Va., named the Avalanche.

Denver's new hockey team used to be the Quebec Nordiques. It moved here in May when the former owner couldn't work out a new lease with Quebec officials.

AP wire report; AP photo as published in Spokane Spokesman-Review (page C2)

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