Atlanta Thrashers Unveil Logo

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Thrashers Unveil Logo Tonight

April 23, 1998

The Atlanta Thrashers will unveil their little brown songbird with an attitude tonight. The NHL team, which opens play in the fall of 1999, will release its five-color logo in the atrium at CNN Center. It depicts the Georgia state bird, although it's one with a slightly nasty attitude.

Ceremonies begin at 5:45 p.m., with the actual logo unveiling scheduled for 6:15, and will be shown on the team's Internet site (

Excerpt from article published in Atlanta Journal-Constitution (page C5)

Atlanta Thrashers Unveil Logo Live on the Internet

April 23, 1998

The Atlanta Thrashers, Atlanta's National Hockey League (NHL) expansion franchise have unveiled their official team logo simultaneously from CNN Center in Atlanta and live on the internet, announced team President Harvey Schiller. The cyberlaunch, an NHL first, took place via the team's web site at

Summary of article published on Thrashers' official website

Atlanta Thrashers Unveil Logo

April 24, 1998

ATLANTA (AP) — The brown thrasher is a tiny bird that forages in leaves and has been known to flee from a fight. Needless to say, that's not the impression suggested from the logo unveiled Thursday by the Atlanta Thrashers, who will join the NHL in 1999.

The Thrashers' logo is a fierce-looking bird with a scowl on its face, a tornado-like whirlwind for a body and a hockey stick brandished menacingly from its tail feathers.

Ted Turner came up with the name for his new NHL team after learning that the state bird of Georgia is the brown thrasher, a creature that measures about a foot from the tip of its beak to the end of its tail feathers.

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