Ducks vs Stars


The Aesthetics
Yikes! The similarities here are rather glaring and not at all good. Both logos spell out the entire team name and use a single letter to create what would otherwise be a decent logo. The "D" in Ducks creates a webbed foot. The "A" in Stars creates the top point in a star. It's actually almost impressive. And then there's the unique colors. But in this case, it's the horrible horizontal proportions of the Ducks logo that loses it this point.

The Nickname
Giant. Flaming. Ball of fire. Nothing stands a chance against a Star, especially not a little quacking Duck.

The Analysis
Because both logos are guilty of it, we're going to have to look past all the letters in these two logos. Now, despite being introduced in the last season of the Minnesota North Stars' tenure, the Stars logo has a rather Lonestar State feel to it — perfect for Dallas. The Ducks are in the process of rebranding the team, not too difficult a task now that the club has a Stanley Cup championship under its belt. Still, if it's going to succeed in this competition, a better logo will be required. The Ducks get swept once again.