Maple Leafs vs Rangers


The Aesthetics
Don't we just love those Original Six matches? We have a combined total of 31 letters embedded in these two logos. How much worse can it get? There's no reason to spell out your team name all over a logo that is supposed to serve as a symbolic replacement for said name. I like the use of multiple colors in the Rangers logo but it's the unique maple leaf silhouette that at least gives us some graphical representation of the team name. They'll take the point.
Maple Leafs

The Nickname
If we're sticking with the whole park ranger interpretation — which is lame, I know — then its the Ranger who is in charge of protecting the Maple trees and their Leafs.

The Analysis
Neither logo makes a real effort at city recognition but each has been in those cities for nearly a century. It's not that I hate old logos or those which have been around for many years. That's a big part of what hockey is today. These two logos are some of the most recognizable in all of sports. But that doesn't mean that graphically we still have to live in the early 20th century. Make a few upgrades to show us that these teams exist in 2007. A good example is the Bruins. Ward off staleness, folks. Now when it comes down to it, the Leafs logo takes this point for unique lettering and a very cool maple leaf outline. (Shut up! Did the Maple Leafs really just get a win?)
Maple Leafs