Conceptualizing The Flames, Blues

It's another one of those slow news days. So to help fill the void, I have chocola— er, I mean jersey concepts. Let's start out with some Calgary Flames action.

It's pretty basic, though a lot like other stuff we've seen. My only complaint is the clashing of vertical and horizontal stripes at the base of the jerseys. You know my old line. Go all horizontal or go all vertical, but don't go both. Yeah, I've never used that line before but it's probably a good one.

Also, word is those shoulder logos with the horse dealing with some serious sinus issues are toast. (Ha.) In fact, word on the street is there may be an entirely new shoulder patch introduced this fall. We'll wait and see, of course. The official word comes down from the team on September 4 if all goes as planned.

I've also got some fan-designed St. Louis blues jersey concepts to share with you. They're pretty simple, harkening back to the old days. Nothing drastic, but I expect to see something a little different with the real Blues uniforms.

Again, we'll have to wait around for official news from the club. We don't have a hard date as of yet for the unveiling, though their first pre-season game is on September 16 if you wanted to pencil that in on your calendars.

Then I thought I'd leave you with this.

What if they changed their name to the St. Louis Whites? No, but seriously... If you feel inclined to comment, you may do so in the marked area below. Thanks again for your patronage!

By the way, I should point out that a lot, and I mean a lot of people have sent in jersey concepts over the last few days. Unfortunately, I can't post them all right away. But with any luck, if you've sent one in, chances are you'll see it on this blog one of these days. Don't lose hope.