NHL Concept Logos, Part 2

You know, it occured to me that two months ago, I posted a bunch of concept logos under a headline that read "Part 1." Well you could've searched all day and never found the second part that supposedly followed — until today. I'm finally just now getting around to publishing that post and it's about damn time.

Have a look at some of the craziest logos you'll ever see.

This logo was designed during the "Mighty" era with the old crummy colors. It's nothing special but I felt like it was still worth posting. The duck goalie mask is definitely a Disney design and would therefore never be used now even if the colors were changed to match what the team wears today. Plus it's just not cool enough.

And there's more where that came from. I know you were wondering.

I know the New Jersey Devils don't really need a change and it would be ridiculous for anyone to suggest that they did, but I've got these to share just the same.

Check out these renderings of possible (or impossible) New Jersey Devils logos. Personally, I'm all for leaving the Devils logo the way it is. No reason to mess with perfection there. But I just thought these might be interesting. Any thoughts?

As a special bonus, we've also got an idea of what the Winnipeg Jets might look like if they were still in Winnipeg and not called the Coyotes.

What do you think of this? As far as logos go, I think this one wouldn't work well because it's too open. There need to be more closed-in areas in a logo. This one is all over the place.

Anyway, feel free to comment on these monstrosities if that is in fact how you see them. Don't worry about ever seeing them on NHL ice. It won't happen.