Flames To Wear Alberta On Sleeve?

Just wanted to keep everyone up to date on a rumor that's been floating around regarding the Calgary Flames new duds. It's been widely reported that the horse head logo with the flaming nostrils will bite the dust in favor of a new secondary logo. Some believe that secondary logo will prominently feature the flag of Alberta in a shield sort of style.

For an example, check out this fan concept that was emailed to me recently.

The designer used the Albertan coat of arms as a jumping-off point in coming up with this idea. Some people wonder whether this would stir up unhappy feelings in the Edmonton Oilers, also based out of Alberta.

As an interesting corollary, the Oilers are also reportedly dropping the secondary logo they've used for the last decade. Word is, the oil man on the shoulder will be gone. Are plans in the works for a new Alberta-related secondary for them too? Should be interesting.

Any Albertans out there? What do you guys think of all this?

UPDATE (5:58 PM): Unfortunately I made the mistake of pitting Flames and Oilers fans against each other. I don't know what I was thinking. Just to avoid things getting out of hand, I'm shutting down comments on this post. Thank you to those of you who posted comments with civility in mind (apologies for closing them down). To the rest, I can live with a few jabs back and forth in good fun, but I won't tolerate attacks of any kind. We're all just trying to enjoy ourselves here.