Sharks Jersey Concepts

Quick note before I call it a night. I recently got a few emails with concept designs for the new San Jose Sharks uniforms. Have a peek.

That's a pretty cool design but I have a feeling the Sharks will go with teal home jerseys since the logo sort of fades away on a black background. Not sure about "SAN JOSE" written across the bottom. The very Kings-like and unoriginal.

Last week we saw a video game magazine with what appeared to be a blurry screen grab from NHL 08. It seems we may have gotten a sneak peek at the new Sharks jerseys. With that concept in mind, one fan came up with these.

I don't hate them. They're very nice yet without a hint of their previous jerseys — which I felt were among the best in the league. Regardless, doesn't the new logo seem to stand out better on the teal sweater?

We'll have to wait until we hear official word from the team on when we'll get to see the new Rbk EDGE jerseys. Until then, speculation is all we have.