Official News On Pens' New Threads

Damn, there's really too much going on today. I nearly forgot to post this nugget. Mike sent in a link to a question-and-answer session featured on the Pittsburgh Penguins' official web site.

The column was written by Bob Grove who's apparently a regular writer on the site. He didn't give a specific date, although we have heard September 5 will see the unveiling. The Pens are not changing their logo — but we already knew that — and will only see "slight modifications" to the jersey. Read it verbatim here.

QUESTION: I just wanted to know if the Penguins are keeping the jersey and logo the same or are they going to make changes like some of the other teams who have already released their uniform designs?
-Matthew in Butler

BOB GROVE: The mail just continues to stream in about the Penguins' new Reebok Edge uniforms. Look for the Penguins to unveil the new uniforms prior to the start of camp. But to reiterate: no new logo. There are no major changes to the uniforms, no changes requested by the team. The slight modifications to the uniforms will be the same as those made to the uniforms of every team. While some other NHL teams (including Washington, San Jose and Ottawa) are making logo changes, the Penguins are not.

If you're totally lost on this subject, catch up here (to see the post about the unveiling date) and here (to see the potential new uniforms).