About The 'Canes

I've been getting a lot of emails lately about the Carolina Hurricanes. I recently added them to the sidebar countdown for a September 16 unveiling date. The issue some people have brought up is the fact that the Hurricanes' new uniforms have already been leaked via EA Sports' NHL08 video game.

Thing is, that's not really a photo of Eric Staal in the new Rbk EDGE uniform since no teams have played in them yet — all-star jerseys aside. The cover is an adapted photo of Staal in the old uniforms. Not that that matters that much. I post fan-created artwork all the time. No reason this shouldn't be considered.

However, I won't call it an official unveiling by the Hurricanes because this isn't a picture of the actual jersey. If you look down my official list, all of those posts contain photos of the real uniforms. Still, screen grabs like the one below have been circulating for some time. I figured I'd at least post it but I'm not adding it to the officially unveiled list — yet.

If we see photos prior to the team's first preseason game, I'll be sure to post them.