Amazing Ducks Concept Art

Earlier in the week I posted some awesome concept art that went over a storm with you guys. We saw designs for the Ottawa Senators and Boston Bruins as well as the New York Islanders and Atlanta Thrashers.

Today we're treated to some work on the Anaheim Ducks. These designs were based on concepts that "leaked" prior to the unveiling of the new Ducks logo last summer. Have a look and be impressed.

If you ask me, that's what the Anaheim Ducks should look like. And it couldn't be further away from the old Mighty Duck look. However, while the green is sharp, tan doesn't make for a vivid secondary color. So what about orange?

Our favorite designer upgraded his original logo with much more vivid colors. Can anyone deny this would be one killer logo package?

If the logos weren't enough for you, check out the uniform designs. Any NHL team would be lucky to look that good. How come this guy doesn't already work for the league?

Are there any Anaheim fans reading that would be repulsed by something like this? Would that even be possible?

Anyway, it's artwork like this that gets me so excited to do a blog like this. So what do you think? Am I going a little over the top with my glowing praise? Or are these designs really that good?