Concepts From Dallas

I've got loads of Dallas Stars fan artwork to share with you on this Saturday afternoon. So let's get right to it.

We're all well aware the Minnesota Wild decided to leak their new home jersey to valued season ticket holders. Based off that design, someone came up with this idea for the Dallas Stars.

I'm one who likes the "star" jerseys they wear now. They've got one of the league's most unique looks. Unfortunately, I don't think that would translate to the EDGE. It's a language Reebok doesn't quite understand. To be fair though, it's a limitation of the design that, if the players like it, who are we to judge?

Someone else had the idea to transfer the Iowa Stars look to Dallas. Here's how that might manifest itself.

I don't know. Feels like a lateral move to me. I say we go back to the drawing board. What if they went all Old West on us in the great state of Texas? Might it look a little something like this?

I feel like the Stars haven't done enough to differentiate themselves from the North Stars — this, despite the secondary logo with the outline of Texas. They still wear the same crest as the North Stars did during their last year in Minnesota. Personally, I'm hoping for a change when they finally show off their new uniforms.

I'm not necessarily saying this concept is the way to go as all I can see is Chuck Norris' reflection in the shiny badge. But Chuck's pretty bad ass so I'm not so sure it's a bad thing.

But while we're on the topic of design overhauls, check out this one.

It's sharp in a classic sort of sense. I think it could use a greener green as muted colors don't make for good sports uniforms, generally speaking. I do like the logo idea but it feels a little plain. It's like you just keep staring at it waiting to notice something. But nothing comes. Obviously, nothing's perfect but I think someone needs to get on a Stars overhaul.

The best Stars concept logo I've ever seen was this one I posted a month ago. For those who appreciate simplicity in NHL logos, you can't complain about that.

Anyway, go visit the Concepts Gallery to see these designs and others that I haven't posted. You can also see that first logo set I posted in green and silver (rather than green and gold).