What To Expect In September And Beyond

Just wanted to pop in with some quick news and notes relating to the blog. As you know, September is upon us and that means 18 teams have about two weeks to unveil their new uniforms. It's going to be hectic this month but I mention it because this means I'll be more focused on actual jersey news than concept art. Not to worry though, I'll fit it in where I can and I'll keep adding stuff to the gallery.

Which brings me to my next point. I haven't written a lot of posts today, but I've been busy behind the scenes adding loads of new images to the two galleries I've set up. I've added at least one new image for every team in the Concepts Gallery. That's definitely worth a look. You'll find lots of new stuff all the time. I've been updating it nearly every day.

I've also been adding pictures to my official Rbk EDGE gallery — including the Philly and Minnesota leaks from the last couple of days. Even though the two teams haven't "officially" unveiled them, I'm counting them because they came through official team channels — the respective season ticket books.

It would be cruel of me to publish an entirely text-only post, so look at this. Somebody slapped a Whalers logo on the new Canucks unis. They forgot to write "HARTFORD" above it.

Anyway, I also wanted to let you guys know what I'm working on for the future of the blog. As you know, the primary focus of the site is the logo tournament. As of right now, nearly 225,000 votes have been cast. So I'd call it a success. A lot of you have emailed in asking what's next. The tournament ends on October 3 — opening night for the NHL. And as for the jersey news, they'll all be unveiled within the next few weeks.

Not to worry, though, NHLToL shall have life in October assuming you all want to keep coming back. Beginning on October 1, I'm going to start a month-long feature wherein I review all of the new Rbk EDGE uniforms. You'll be able to rate the uniforms and comment on the reviews.

On the tournament side, there will be plenty more where that came from. A new tournament is in the works. Beginning on September 17, you'll be able to vote on what the next one will determine. We can see who has the best vintage logo, secondary logo, even new uniform, or anything else you guys come up with. The new tournament will begin on Saturday, October 6.

I'm also working on a couple of spinoffs. We can do logo tournaments for the AHL, ECHL or any of the Canadian hockey leagues. That'll start some time later in the year at a new location. Expect to see the new Tournament of Hockey Logos coming soon. We'll have to get the word out to all our minor league friends.

I hope you'll all stay involved with the blog. I've really had a blast making it and I've been thrilled by the response. On the day the Canucks unveiled their uniforms, this site had a whopping 110,000 hits — the same day it crossed the one-million overall mark.

Anyway, keep reading and keep emailing me. I enjoy hearing the feedback and getting all your awesome concept jersey designs. Thanks so much for visiting!