EA Leaks Devils, Sabres Sweaters?

All right, you guys know how much I hate video game renderings because they aren't actual photos but I'm not just writing this blog for myself anymore. I recognize I need to show appreciation for the more than 20,000 individuals who visit the site everyday. And you guys want it.

It would appear the new Rbk EDGE uniforms of the New Jersey Devils and Buffalo Sabres have shown up in some NHL 08 screen shots. We'll start with the Devils and an image that was sent to me by Jordon over at Flames Daily.

You can see the NHL shield at the collar and all the stripes appear to be staying the same. Below you see a Sabres player from the video game.

The rounded bottom at the back is the reason this appears to be an EDGE jersey. You'll notice the Flyers player is wearing last year's road sweater. Here are a couple more from that same image set.

It should go without saying, but sometimes people don't think and so I'm going to say it. There seems to me to be no good reason why these couldn't have been made up by a very Photoshop-inclined fan. I'm not saying they're fake, but I'm not saying they aren't. Just take them for what they're worth and enjoy the anticipation leading up the big unveilings.

If they are really from EA (somebody's in trouble, for one thing), then it does give us a decent idea of what the design will look like. The reason I don't like these images is that I'm trying to keep to posting photographs of the new uniforms.

Anyway, as you know, I'll have them when they are available. Word on the street is we'll see these jerseys on Saturday for Buffalo and Monday for New Jersey. But keep checking back for updates, of course.