Reminder: Big Day For Avs, Leafs

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for fans in Colorado and Toronto as the Avalanche and Maple Leafs prepare to unveil their new Rbk EDGE uniforms. To prepare us for the events, I have concept art — I know, your favorite!

But first, some notes. The Leafs' official web site has an article discussing the long history of the sweater. Worth a read. On the home page, they're saying fans can watch the unveiling ceremony on Leafs Today tomorrow at 3 PM. I'll watch if I can and try to grab some stills for you all.

Meanwhile, the Avs haven't even made mention of a uniform unveiling on their official web site. The information came from the Denver Post. They're saying the Avs will unveil their jerseys at a press conference.

Now let's dive into the concepts. We'll start out with the Avalanche.

The team has said to expect only minor changes but logic would make us presume that the mountain range-like stripes along the arms are probably out with the EDGE design. I'm not the first person to suggest this. Chances are better the Avs go with something similar to last year's third jersey, retaining the primary logo as the crest. Let this serve as a good example of what that might look like.

But you came here for edgy concept art. Here's what you really want to see.

I laugh because the day I got the email with these images I was sitting there wondering what a more "traditional" Avs logo might look like. It's like the gods were answering me. It's a sharp concept but I can't see them changing the logo for another good 50 years.

The typeface on the white jersey's chest is what I would consider to be brutal. But enough about the Avalanche, I know what you Canadians want. Let's check out some Leafs art.

The stripes are going a little crazy here, but anyway, there it is. For something a little less drastic, I offer these.

But wait, there's more!

I know this is a risky move considering the number of Leafs fans who weren't behind the TML logo, but what about something like this for an alternate one day? I am under the impression, however, that this secondary logo will say goodbye when the new uniforms are introduced tomorrow.

One more! Let's go back to the Avs for this because I actually want to know what you guys think of it. Under the same guise as above of simplifying jerseys with a little too much going on comes this concept.

For me it's a little monochromatic but something about it says it could serve as a nice third jersey with a little help. The white "A" really shouts out "snow-covered mountain" to me.

Anyway, one last thing on what to expect for tomorrow. Avs fans, the club has said no major changes but the zig-zag stripe along the arms may not work. We'll find out for sure tomorrow. Other than that, expect something very close to what they've always worn. No logo or color changes.

Leafs fans, expect a much simpler uniform with no horizontal stripes at the bottom. I would expect minimalist stripes and constrasting color usage similar to the alleged Stars jerseys we've been seeing recently. In other words, I'm thinking a very plain sweater — and no TML logo. I doubt we'll see any change to the leaf silhouette, but the way the article above read made me feel like anything is possible.

Finally, feel free to share you're thoughts. I read them all.