Waiting For Official Word

I first want to take this moment to apologize for posting almost nothing today. I'm going to rectify that here in the next hour or so. I've been waiting around pretty much all day hoping to see photos of the new Sabres and Coyotes jerseys on their official web sites. I mean I've been doing other stuff too, but I've been holding off on posting anything. So far, nothing.

However, a great reader sent in a couple of photos he took of the new Buffalo Sabres Rbk EDGE uniforms in the HSBC Arena store. So since I have nothing official, I'll at least show you those for now.

Basically they're last year's sweaters adapted to this year's new cut. And they still have the "slug" on them. What's changed is the NHL shield on the collar. Same as everybody else.

Unfortunately, we still haven't seen photos from CoyotesFest. So if you were there or you've seen pictures taken by someone who was there, please drop me a line. For that matter, if anybody notices the Sabres or Coyotes update their web site with photos, please email me and I'll get right on it.

Oh, and Sabres fans, if you need something to laugh at, click here. Though that might make you cry.