Rebranding The Panthers

We've seen some great work from this guy in the past. He's redesigned images for the Ottawa Senators and Boston Bruins as well as the New York Islanders, Atlanta Thrashers, and Anaheim Ducks.

GhettoFarmBoy has now posted his Florida Panthers redesign. In this instance, however, his concept isn't so much a complete overhaul, as a rethinking of that which we already know.

He simply reworked the current primary logo a bit. Sharp work if not familiar. He basically simplified it in areas and added more curved lines to replace straight ones.

He kept the secondary logo, essentially, the way it was. Overall, though, the biggest issue I had with the logo was that the panther itself seemed a little cross-eyed compared with the old one. Others on the message board felt the same, so he reworked the eyes a bit.

A great improvement. The new eyes make the animal feel more cat-like.

The jersey designs are also pretty nice. Again, they still feel more familiar to me than anything else. Certainly an improvement, but not to the point that they're downright amazing the way his earlier Ducks redesign was.

I commend the work being done by this artist though. I think he has a real talent and it's a shame the NHL doesn't hire peole like him to handle uniform and logo designs. I think it would be a much better looking league if they did.

I should also point out that he's said his next "rebranding" will be the San Jose Sharks and that we should expect the New Jersey Devils soon as well.

Personally, I'm pulling for the Lightning, just to see what he comes up with.

Now the floor's open to you all. What do you guys think of this work?