Sizing Your New EDGE Jersey

Earlier, I posted photos of my new Lightning Rbk EDGE jersey that just got delivered to me today. Since then, I've been getting lots of questions about sizing. So here's what I know.

The Philadelphia Flyers have a great FAQ posted on their web site regarding the Rbk EDGE jerseys. Specifically, they have a sizing chart that seems like it would give you a decent idea of what size jersey to buy for yourself.

Basically, it suggests jersey size based on chest size. So wrap a tape measure around your chest or something and figure out which jersey is right for you.

Obviously, the numbers above are in inches. I didn't realize they had a sizing chart until after I'd purchased my jersey, but as it happens, my chest measures out to about 43 or 44 inches, meaning medium was the suggested size for me. And it worked out because, as I've said, my jersey fits me perfectly.

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I'm going to add this information to my Rbk EDGE FAQ. Let me know if this works out for you guys. Good luck!