Elusive Rangers Jersey Appears

Just so as to put the matter to rest, I thought I'd point out that the elusive New York Rangers Rbk EDGE jersey has now made its long-awaited appearance on the NHL.com Shop.

As a corollary to that, the Rangers have said on their web site that the new uniforms will be debuting in tonight's preseason game against the Devils.

I guess, technically that means today is the "official" unveiling of their new uniform. However, I'm still going to count July 26 as the date because they first released pictures on their web site that day — despite the fact that they were removed only hours later.

Anyway, all this nonsense is for nothing because they're exactly the same as they've always been, adapted to the Rbk EDGE style and cut. I say "exactly" but I should clarify before I get a horde of comments about how the letters create a narrower diagonal than before. I think it's hardly noticeable, but then I'm not a Rangers fan.

So it'll all be cleared up tonight and photos from the game will be available soon enough. And we're probably just about finished with Rbk EDGE news. It's kind of sad. I've gotten so used to it over the last few months.