40 Years Of Penguins

When the Pittsburgh Penguins announced they'd be unveiling their Rbk EDGE uniforms, they said the sweaters would feature a special shoulder patch. Many, myself included, speculated on a commemoration of the Pens' 40th year in Pittsburgh. In fact, what the team really had in mind was a much bigger number — a commemoration of Pittsburgh's 250th year as a city.

The patch has been "coined" the 250-cent piece in some circles. (Couldn't resist it.) But regarding that whole 40th anniversary thing, the Pens are celebrating this year their entry into the league along with the Kings, Stars, Flyers and Blues. So one fan came up with a concept logo.

It definitely feels like one of those old '90s commemorative patches, but hey, no one else seems to have come up with one. (Pens fans, correct me if I'm ignorant. Does the team have a 40th anniversary logo for marketing crap and such?)

Anyway, feel free to post your thoughts. We'd love to hear what you think. And if you have an idea for a 40th anniversary logo for the Pens or any of the other 1967 expansion clubs (hell, you could even do the Cleveland Barons/Oakland Seals if you wanted), feel free to send it along and I may even post it here on the blog.