Oilers Unveil Third Jersey!

The Edmonton Oilers became the sixth team to unveil their third jersey for the 2008-09 season. They did so today by launching a beautifully produced seven-minute video on their official web site.

The jersey is similar to the blue sweater worn prior to 1996 with a few slight tweaks. The collar has been changed and the 30th anniversary logo will be on the right shoulder. Here you can see the captains wearing their new duds.

And here's another great photo from the team's web site.

The video delves into the history of Oilers sweaters and it's explained that the fans were very much a part of the process of choosing the final design for this third jersey. Overall the video is very much worth watching whether you're an Oilers fan or not.

Even Todd McFarlane gets a shoutout. Funny, I just wrote a post about him yesterday.