Sneak Peek At Thrashers Third

The Atlanta Thrashers have officially announced via their web site that they will be unveiling their new alternate uniform to season ticket holders tomorrow night at the 2008 Face Off Event.

The even takes place from 6 to 9 PM so the unveiling will happen somewhere in that timeframe. The announcement also lists the 14 games during which the new third jersey will be worn. In addition, the Thrashers will take this opportunity to publicly name their alternate captains.

But you don't think I'd leave you with so little, do you? Think back to the day before the St. Louis Blues unveiled their new third jersey. Remember the sneak peek pic that turned out to be right on the money?

My friend, the Reebok mole, has more to share. Behold what may well be the new third jersey for the Atlanta Thrashers.

I'm not crazy about the text and giant numbers on the front, but for some reason, I love that bird head logo on the shoulders. I like large shoulder patches. I also like the way the white stripes work around the sleeves.

This is a sharp jersey if you can forgive the front of it.

For what it's worth, this graphic is of slightly better quality than the Blues one was. But of course there's nothing like looking at pictures of the actual jersey over a rendering like this. I'll wait and make final judgments when I see photos tomorrow night.

By the way, I'm rescheduling the Live Chat for tomorrow to 11:30 PM EDT if you feel like dropping in. (This is 12 hours later than I previously said.) This way we can talk about all of the third jerseys unveiled this week as well as what's to come.