Here's What You've Missed

All right, if you've been counting on Icethetics for news the last couple of weeks, I'm sad to say but you've missed a lot. I needed to take a breather after the nonstop third jersey coverage so I haven't been on top of my game (pun!). So tonight I'm going to run down a bunch of the things I've been meaning to post but haven't made the time to.

First, if you have three minutes to kill, can you name all 30 NHL teams? It's harder than it sounds and there's a fun quiz you might want to try. It's funny how when you're under the gun and relying solely on your memory, it can be quite difficult. I'm told the average is 22 teams. I managed all 30 with just 17 seconds to spare.

Hey Canadians, I'm going to be interviewing the designer of Team Canada's jerseys. If you would like to submit a question, you have 24 hours. Email it to me with "Questions for jersey designer" in the subject line. If you post it in a comment, I probably won't see it and it won't get addressed. To follow up on a previous post, that red jersey will be an alternate worn during the World Junior Championships. 

And if you don't already know, wait until you hear where that particular shade of red comes from. The interview will be posted early next week.

By the way, if you're interested in seeing what the teams at the 2009 IIHF World Championship will be wearing, look no further. Check out the retro Swiss sweater. Thanks to Simon for the link.

The Las Vegas Sun says the ECHL's Wranglers will don special prison-themed jerseys on January 30 to mock the disgraced Rod Blagojevich. Don't ask me why the team from Nevada is screwing with the governor from Illinois but that's the way it is. Jeff sent in that nugget.

Following up on the NHL 09 third jerseys, it's been pointed out that a lot of other teams beyond just the Sabres have their fair share of inaccuracies, which also extend to NHL2K9. I don't really want to spend a lot of time on this subject because it doesn't really have anything to do with Icethetics.

I will suffice to say that it is just a video game and it's not uncommon for certain details to get lost in translation or get left behind entirely if they don't mesh with the programming. It's also possible that the producers of both video games were provided early drafts of the jerseys that were not yet finalized and then later changed. If you're buying a video game solely for the jerseys, you might want to rethink your priorities. Just saying.

Stephane writes in to point out that Carey Price has a new mask. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he debuted it last week when the Montreal Canadiens wore their 1915 throwbacks for Centennial Jersey Night. See the picture to the left.

I'll say it again. I'm fascinated by what the Habs, Oilers and others are doing this season, going full force with the retro looks. There seem to be a number of vocal fans upset with the modernization of the look of hockey. This sort of thing should quell them somewhat.

For the rest of us, they are welcome blasts from the past that, if not overdone, should become an important staple of the sport.

I think that pretty much does it for the news I haven't covered. Here's some of what's going on with the site itself.

Anytime I offer a time estimation, take it with a grain of salt. I may promise something one day then find I don't have the time to make it happen. Trust me when I tell you there's a lot I'm working on and I wish I could make Icethetics into a full-time job.

A new Concept Collage is imminent. We will finish the Flashback '98 tournament, so help me. I swear I will very soon post some sort of mechanism that will allow you guys to rank the 18 new third jerseys. New photo galleries are coming to display pictures of said jerseys. The Featured Artists section is looking more like a 2009 launch. And anything else I've said I plan on doing — I'm still planning on it. It's just going to take time so I appreciate your patience.

And completely unrelated to hockey, if you're looking for an unbelievable to new TV show to get into, check out Damages. Rent or buy season one then check out season two starting in January on FX (in the U.S.). That is all.