Concepts Section Launched!

It came a little later than I had hoped, but concept art is back!

Tonight I launched the Icethetics Concepts page. You can access it from the tab at the top of the page. Right now it features the site's very first concept post in a brand new format I hope everyone will enjoy. It's called the Concept Collage!

Thanks to Vuvox, you'll now be able to enjoy user-submitted concept art in a cool and different way. Head on over to the Concepts page to check it out first hand, but here's a quick rundown. The new collage format works like an interactive slideshow in a panoramic view.

You can manually slide back and forth through the collage checking out all the fantastic artwork or press the play button and let it go automatically. And if it's too small, click on the button in the bottom corner to go full screen!

When you want to weigh in on the designs you've seen, simply add a comment. It works the same as commenting on the blog. You must be an Icethetics member to add a comment. To get a free member account, click here.

I hope you guys enjoy the new Concepts section and the new Concept Collage format. My goal as we get this started is to post new Concept Collages at least once a week then graduate to two to three times. Also, over the next few weeks I'll be rolling out the Featured Artists section as well as revisiting past concept art with new galleries.