Coyotes Show Off Concepts

A day after Icethetics launched its Concepts page, the Phoenix Coyotes are showing off some jersey concepts of their own. In an article on the team's web site discussing the development of their new third jersey, a photo gallery is featured displaying some of the options they considered before settling on the final version.

The Coyotes are the only teams in the league to release developmental jersey concepts. And I, for one, am mighty impressed. You can see the full gallery by clicking here. I also found a few worth mentioning. Of the seven posted, these two I liked most.

Adding the desert scene behind the leaping coyote adds a new dimension to the front of the jersey without recalling the previous desert-scene third jersey. The concept on the right is a little dull perhaps, but I think would've fit perfectly with the classic feel of the Coyotes' home/road jersey set.

Now for a couple I didn't like so much.

On the left, great logo but terrible for the front of a jersey! We learned that from the Ducks. And the seated coyote on the right does absolutely nothing. At least the version they went with shows the coyote actually doing something — even if he is just skipping.

Huge thanks to Jeff for pointing out this article and concept gallery!

By the way, the Coyotes were one of three teams to debut their third jersey last Friday. I didn't get a chance to mention it but I'll go ahead and post some pictures now.

I'm still not a huge fan though the brick helmet and black jersey is certainly a unique combination.

Probably not a wise choice to go with the overlapping numbers on the sleeves of the Flyers jersey, but I do like the return to orange. I saw them wear it tonight against the Lightning. As for the Bruins, there's barely a difference between this and their home sweater. I'll say it again — missed opportunity.

This might explain why I failed to mention the debut of these jerseys on Friday night. I guess they left me a little underwhelmed — which is strange for me. Anyway, there it is. All 18 jerseys have been unveiled and all 18 have debuted.