I wanted to briefly mention a few things this morning. Nothing big. First, you can consider my "break" over. It's not like I ever really took one anyway but I just finished up a big project I was working on — what a relief. Anyway, all that means is I'm going to try and get back to doing more concept posts on a regular basis. News and project coverage will remain the same.

I'm ending a short-lived series. Wallpaper Wednesday is now over. I wasn't getting the sort of submissions I was hoping for. More than anything, this is a hockey logo/jersey blog. Instead of getting wallpaper designs that did cool things with logos and sweaters, I was getting wallpapers with random pictures of players. Don't get me wrong, I thought a lot of them were well done but just not in the spirit of Icethetics.

Freak Out Friday will continue. In fact, I'll have a new one posted late tonight next week. Need more submissions!

You guys can stop emailing me asking about Matt's rebranding of the St. Louis Blues. He should have it ready soon. I'll post it when he sends and he'll send it when he's finished. This is his hobby which comes after life/school/job. He does great work because he doesn't rush through it.

On now to comments. I haven't really had a whole lot of issues with them lately but I still wanted to go over some rules which I don't think I've ever really gone into before. I try to avoid deleting comments, but there are a few occasions where I will. Vulgarity — even with * in it. Attacking another person. Being mean or needlessly rude (think of what your mother taught you). Posting a link to your own website or one irrelevant to the topic being discussed. Posting an email address. Just a few things.

I mean there are a few other things but I figure if I mention those it should at least cut down on what I have to delete. Because worst case scenario is that I start moderating all comments. That's just no fun for me or anybody else. I like keeping this open so everybody can express their opinion. But keep it clean and nice. What possible reason could there be not to?

That's all. Any questions? Feel free to ask.