IHA Final Art: Great Lakes

This week we're unveiling of the winning logo sets for each team in the IHA Project. This week we've looked at the final artwork for the Atlantic, West, Northeast and Pacific Divisions. Today we're on to the Great Lakes to finish out the week.

Below are the logos you selected for the IHA. On the left is the team's primary logo. To the right is the secondary and the wordmark is beneath it. Under the graphic is the designer's credit.

Sigma Kappa


Emilis Acus

Emilis Acus


Couple of changes to this division. As I mentioned before, at the request of the league operator, the Capitals and Knights have swapped colors. The Knights are now blue. Also, based on the logo that won for the Brigade, the orange was changed to red.

To all the winning designers: If you would like your credit changed or a link added, please don't hesitate to let me know. Since you aren't being compensated in any other way for all your work, the least I can do is offer a link to your web site, blog or online portfolio — just in case certain eyes are looking. You never know. However, if you would like to remain anonymous, that's fine too.

Next week you'll vote on the Central Division logos and the following week I'll post the final designs and this project will be over. I look forward to seeing artwork from the same talented designers for the next project!