Bringing It Back

It's been over four months since the last post, but it appears there are enough of you interested to keep Icethetics around a little while longer. And I did say I'd try a relaunch this summer. The Stanley Cup has been awarded which, in my book, is the official start of summer.

In all likelihood, it'll be a slow return to normal. I've reopened the blog and last summer's Third Jersey Central. I'll update the blog whenever there is news to report. And we're expecting yet another round of third jersey unveilings this summer (although considerably smaller than last year's).

I know a lot of folks enjoyed the Concept Art aspect of Icethetics, so that is the first feature I'm going to reincorporate. If you've got artwork worth posting, send it my way.

Before you ask, I do hope to return to all of our other features, including the IceHL. That is a great project and I would like to see it through. However I do not have a timetable. Just keep checking back for more information.

So the news is that Icethetics is back, at least for now. Until there's news to report, enjoy the archives.