Concept Art: The Awaited Return

I wish I had more for you guys lately. There's not been much to report as far as news. A few bits of concept art have trickled in here and there so I thought I'd take some time to share some.

Untvar sends in this Maple Leafs re-imagining, saying "If Burke is able to turn the Leafs around, they might need an upgrade to their uni. I tried to think of something that would update their traditional look, but keeping in mind that they WANT it to be simple."


From Kevin (aka Koho) comes a new Lonestar-based look for the Dallas Stars.

Certainly reminiscent of the old days of hockey and I wouldn't be surprised if a 1960s era club called the Texas Lone Stars had worn something just like it.

Kevin writes, "I think [the Stars] should've changed to [this] when they moved from Minnesota to Texas. Being that Texas is the Lone Star state I think that they should've rebranded themselves from the Minnesota North Stars to the Dallas/Texas Lone Stars after the move. I used an old police badge shaped like a star with the Texas flag inside as the logo and slightly based the jersey off of the retro Oilers third jersey."

Evan submitted a couple of interesting jersey designs for the Oilers and Senators.

Hope that holds you guys over for a little while. I hate saying "I'm back" and then going so long without a post. I'm doing my best to get some legitimate information with regard to the new crop of third jerseys for 2009-10. At the moment, I don't really have anything new. But keep checking back, it'll be right here when I do.

And as always, feel free to get in touch with any suggestions, comments, ideas, questions or criticisms you may have. I may not necessarily reply to them all, but I'll at least give them a ready. It's