Twittering Away

As most of you know, just a few weeks ago, I set Icethetics up with its very own Twitter account. It was all new to me but I thought it would serve as a quick and easy way to keep you guys updated. So far, so good.

The first tweet was June 25. Now, 328 followers and 55 updates later, I figured I'd take the time to reply to some replies. Some are questions, some are not. Maybe it will make an interesting blog post. Let's find out, chronologically.

PricelessNick @icethetics Hey Chris Do you have any updates on the change in jerseys for the sabres Anniversry year. I heard they were switchin to the 3rd [Jun 27]

Founded in 1970, the Buffalo Sabres' 40th anniversary is right around the corner, and while I'm sure a large number of fans would love to see the third jersey on a more permanent basis, I haven't heard anything that would lend truth to that rumor. In fact, it's the first time I'm even hearing such a rumor.

Wishful thinking, maybe.

coryodonnell @icethetics suggestion: For ur picture posts, try Great picture sharing it much better than Twitpic. [Jul 1]

I'll definitely look into that. I'm new to Twitter so I'm still learning the ropes. Seems like there are so many options out there. How do you know what's best?

Skullnuck @icethetics :'( ohlund is gone from canucks.... sooo depressing... im mad now [Jul 1]

Skullnuck, I'm really sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. It happened to me when Brad Richards got traded. Hopefully, Mike Smith will be what we need. Unfortunately, you got no compensation for Ohlund.

n8stwit @icethetics Why the checkerboard pattern on the bottom and sleeves? [Jul 2]

I think n8stwit is referring to the images I posted of the alleged Nashville Predators third jersey design. It's a very good question, but one I don't have the answer to. Still, I say we wait until seeing something official before worrying too much.

lance_bradley @icethetics Any word on when CHL teams will be releasing their RBK Edge redesigns? [Jul 3]

That's a great question, Lance. Once again, I'm answerless. But I'm posting it in case someone out there does know and can provide some dates or links. When will CHL teams start unveiling their new Reebok EDGE uniforms?

mburmy @icethetics Hopefully the IceHL is coming back too! (If you forgot the links, I'll send 'em over) [Jul 4]

The IceHL will be coming back soon! I'm working on plans to get it re-launched within the next couple weeks. We are going to see this project through, without a doubt. (And mburmy, I have no idea what links you are talking about.)

kskopek @icethetics Followed those links lost a couple hours ! Thanks [Jul 4]

The links to which kskopek is referring send you to The Hockey Uniform Database and NHL Those two sites can really kill a day if you're not careful.

electrocraze421 @icethetics the black one. it looks weird. do you know which teams it is? [Jul 11]

What the heck is that black jersey?All right, electrocraze421, I'm going to use the context clues in this picture to help you try to figure it out. Going in, all I have is the picture and what you've written.

At first glance, it's obviously a minor league. The Toyota ads on the back of the jerseys give that away. The group of cheering fans wearing Los Angeles Kings jerseys leads me to believe this game is in California.

If you look in the first row, there's a fan wearing an Ontario Reign jersey. Definitely an ECHL game. You can clearly see Andrew Martens and Jon Francisco in a group hug celebrating.

So your question becomes, who are the Reign playing? When I clicked on your link, it takes me to the original image on the Press-Enterprise's web site, a publication based in Riverside, California.

Inside the URL is a date, October 26, 2008. Now it's easy. Who did the Reign play on October 25? According to the ECHL's official web site, it was the Las Vegas Wranglers and the final score was 4-1, Ontario.

A quick search of the Wranglers' web site turns up a slew of pictures, including a white version of this black sweater. Further research indicates that these are the road and home jerseys and that the team wears a red-infused uniform as an alternate. And in case you were wondering, wearing No. 7 and the alternate captain's "A," that's defenseman Sean Owens.

So there's your answer.

And on that note, I'm done. If you have any questions or comments, Twitter references are always welcome. I'll try to do something like this once a week or so if you guys are interested. And for those without Twitter accounts, you can still follow along with Twitter Updates in the sidebar right here on